Update: Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-Lists, Volume II, Egypt’s Mythological Period

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been quite busy trying to finish my follow-up to Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-Lists: The Egyptian Origins of Genesis History, Volume I: Egypt’s Historical Period. I published that in 2019. I had planned to write and release the second volume  by mid-2021 at the latest. However, 2020 was taken up by completion of my 700-page treatise on the gospels, The Case for a Proto-Gospel, which carried me to the end of 2020.

When I began work on the second volume, I thought it would go rather quickly since it covered a much smaller portion of the Genesis chronology, and I assumed it would be a good bit shorter than the previous volume I. Instead, when I got to the formatting stage, it was shocked to discover that it was about 50 per cent longer than Volume I. In fact, it is the second longest book I have written, weighing in at over 400 pages.

Volume II, covering Egypt’s Mythological Chronology is now completed and, barring any more glitches (Microsoft Word can throw a lot your way) the book should be released by September 5th, in both hardcopy and paperback. I think it’s a terrific read if you’re into this aspect of Egyptian and biblical history. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, perhaps shocked, by many of the revelations.

Over the next few days, I’ll post some further information on the book. I also plan to make a few complimentary copies available to my subscribers. Stay tuned for details of the offer.

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