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About Gary Greenberg

About Gary Greenberg


Gary Greenberg has authored several books on biblical and Egyptological matters, including the popular biblical classic, 101 Myths of the Bible (Sourcebooks, 2000), translated into several foreign editions. Other books include Proving Jesus’ Authority in Mark and John (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2018), a highly-praised academic study on the literary relationship between these two gospels; The Judas Brief  (Continuum, 2007),  a scholarly critique of the historical accuracy of the gospel Passion accounts; The Moses Mystery: the African Origins of the Jewish People (Birch Lane, 1996, republished in several editions and occasionally different titles, including foreign translations); King David, a new history (Sourcebooks, 2002); and Manetho, a study in Egyptian Chronology (Shangri-la, 2003), the only systematic reconstruction of Manetho’s historically important third century B.C.E. account of Egyptian dynastic chronology. He was a co-contributor with Richard Dawkins and others to Everything You Know about God is Wrong (Disinformation, 2007).

In addition to his several books, Greenberg has published articles in academic journals and presented papers at several distinguished conferences, including those of the International Society of Biblical Literature, regional meetings of the Society for Biblical Literature, the annual American Research Center in Egypt, and the triennial International Congress of Egyptologists. He was President of the Biblical Archaeology Society of New York for over fifteen years and lectured there and in other forums on a regular basis. He served as a consultant to the National Geographic Television Series Science of the Bible. He maintains a website at, where you can find a more extensive account of his books, articles and academic papers. He also blogs on biblical matters at

Academic Praise for Greenberg’s Books
David Noel Freeman, a leading biblical scholar and former editor of the Anchor Bible and the Anchor Bible Dictionary, described Greenberg’s biography of King David as “a worthy addition to the library of first-rate and challenging books on King David.” Catholic Biblical Quarterly, in a review of The Judas Brief, says that Greenberg has “a keen eye for the ways religious and political motives have shaped the story of Jesus’ arrest and execution. . . Greenberg presses important historical questions and rightly insists on fresh con­sideration of the evidence.” The prominent Egyptologist, Frank Yurco, referring to Greenberg’s book on Manetho, wrote, “An excellent and well-written analysis that makes a valuable contribution to the study of Egyptian chronology and king-lists. Aidan Dodson, another prominent Egyptologist, called Greenberg’s Manetho study “An intriguing approach to a long-debated problem.” Paul Anderson, a leading Johannine scholar, described Greenberg’s Proving Jesus’s Authority in Mark and John as an “engaging new approach.” Markan scholar Adam Winn, wrote about the same book, “This careful and erudite comparison of Mark and John should be read by any engaged in the field of comparative gospel studies.” James Tabor, the well-known biblical scholar described Proving Jesus’ Authority as a “fascinating new book.” Barrie Wilson, a scholar of early Christianity, called Greenberg “a superb literary detective, following up on tantalizing clues in ancient texts to uncover sources and insights that others have missed.”

Excerpts from various book reviews

  • “[Greenberg has] a keen eye for the ways religious and political motives have shaped the story of Jesus’ arrest and execution, and acceptance of certain historical elements of canonical accounts. . .Greenberg presses important historical questions and rightly insists on fresh consideration of the evidence.” (Catholic Biblical Quarterly)
  • “seems to delight in a game of scholarly ‘gotcha.” (NY Times)
  • “Placing these texts into their historical, political, and geographical setting, Greenberg is able to separate much historical fact from biblical fiction.” (Library Journal)
  • “fascinating and thought provoking” (Today’s Librarian)
  • “guaranteed to raise hackles and lively debate” (Denver Post)
  • “ingenious” (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
  • “intriguing and controversial” Multi-cultural Review
  • “a riveting read” (Florence SC News)
  • “a must read” (The Tennessee Tribune)
  • “will make for lively dinner table discussions” (Spokesman-Review)
  • “will make you think” (Green Bay Press-Gazette).
  • “insightful and valuable” (KMT Magazine)
  • “offers compelling new evidence that changes our perceptions—turns David, in essence, from a mythological figure into a living breathing human being.” (Book Loons)
  • “offers a carefully researched survey of the landmark events of Egyptian history. Straightforward writing adds life to the trek through years and centuries, in this fascinating study of dynasties, war, achievements, and lasting cultural legacy.” (Midwest Book Review)
  • In this controversial new book, author Gary Greenberg offers insight into the meaning, origin and accuracy of stories from the Old Testament. (The Jewish Transcript)
  • Rated “Must Read.” (Today’s Books)

Greenberg holds a Juris Doctor degree in Law from Seton Hall University and a B.A. Degree in Mathematics from Brooklyn College. He practiced Criminal Defense law in New York City for the Legal Aid Society. In 2003 he received the Freedom Award from the Korean Immigrant Services of New York in recognition of his trial work. In 1973 he was a candidate for District Attorney of New York County. He has also published several articles on law and public policy issues and authored a book on computer programming.

Over the years Mr. Greenberg has been a well-received guest on many radio and television shows across the country, where he has been recognized as an articulate and engaging speaker on biblical issues, a highly-effective debater, and often ready with a quick quip. His appearances on radio call-in shows usually result in nonstop listener responses.