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Read Chapter One of Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-lists

I was hoping to have my new book, Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-lists: The Egyptian Origins of Genesis History: Volume I, the Egyptian Dynastic Period, my follow up to The Moses Mystery, out during February. There has been a couple of minor production glitches and a February release is possible, but it might take another week or two. In the meantime, you can now read Chapter One: The Mystery of the Genesis “Begats.”

Reader Comments

  1. I’m intrigued. I’ve published a paper asserting that the Exodus occurred ca. 1374 BCE under Amenhotep III (low chrono.). Working back using biblically-derived timeframes, Jacob arrived in Egypt ca. 1584 (Thera caused the famine?) and Hatshepsut enslaved the Israelites ca. 1479. I think Manetho’s accounts per Josephus reflect actual Heliooolitan accounts of the Exodus. I’ll be interested in how your dates compare to mine.

    1. My alignment is with the High Chronology, so we may be a few years off from each other. In my “The Moses Mystery” I argue for an exodus date of about 1315, during the transition from Ramesses I to Seti I.

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