Read Chapter One of Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-lists

I was hoping to have my new book, Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-lists: The Egyptian Origins of Genesis History: Volume I, the Egyptian Dynastic Period, my follow up to The Moses Mystery, out during February. There has been a couple of minor production glitches and a February release is possible, but it might take another week or two. In the meantime, you can now read Chapter One: The Mystery of the Genesis “Begats.”

  1. Ira Friedman

    I’m intrigued. I’ve published a paper asserting that the Exodus occurred ca. 1374 BCE under Amenhotep III (low chrono.). Working back using biblically-derived timeframes, Jacob arrived in Egypt ca. 1584 (Thera caused the famine?) and Hatshepsut enslaved the Israelites ca. 1479. I think Manetho’s accounts per Josephus reflect actual Heliooolitan accounts of the Exodus. I’ll be interested in how your dates compare to mine.

    • Gary Greenberg

      My alignment is with the High Chronology, so we may be a few years off from each other. In my “The Moses Mystery” I argue for an exodus date of about 1315, during the transition from Ramesses I to Seti I.

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