Back Cover Copy for Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-Lists, Volume II

If Volume I shocked you, wait until you read Volume II

Continuing his astonishing study of Egyptian influences on the Book of Genesis, Gary Greenberg moves from Egypt’s historical chronology to its mythological chronology, meticulously uncovering the biblical book’s deep dependence on Egyptian sources for some of its most famous stories, including the seven days of creation, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Flood, and the family of nations descended from Ham, Shem, and Japheth.

Despite the biblical narrative showing that Israel’s formative period as a nation took place in Egypt, almost all biblical scholars and Egyptologists refuse to take such claims seriously, rarely looking at anything more than an occasional peripheral link. Greenberg’s thorough scholarly examination of the biblical and Egyptological sources tears through this “papyrus curtain” and presents clear and convincing evidence that the original authors of Genesis worked from a solid knowledge of Egypt’s literary and historical sources and used them as the basis of the Bible’s primeval history.

Only long after, when Genesis source documents were significantly re-edited and heavily redacted during the Second Temple period, did the Hebrews lose touch with their Egyptian roots. Greenberg sets the record straight and the results are impressive.

Some of the stunning discoveries in Genesis Chronology and Egyptian King-Lists :The Egyptian Origins of Genesis History, Volume II Egypt’s Mythological Period

• How did the Genesis author determine what year each of the first Patriarchs, from Adam to Jared, fathered their first son? Egypt’s mythical chronology holds the answers.

• The story of Noah and the flood was the original Genesis creation story and it was based on Egypt’s most famous creation myths.

• Who was the mysterious light that appeared on the first day of creation? (Yes, who, not what; No, it wasn’t Jesus.)

• Who were the biblical generations of Heaven and Earth and who were these children?

• Egyptian deities in the Garden of Eden? What is the hidden Egyptian secret behind the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life?

• How long did the flood last and what does that have to do with the Egyptian calendar?

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