Manetho: A study in Egyptian Chronology

How Ancient Scribes Garbled an Accurate Chronology of Dynastic Egypt

by Gary Greenberg

Note: This book may not be currently available. For some of my essays on Manetho’s works see my Selected Writings page

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From the Midwest Book Review

Informatively written by ancient history, mythology, and Biblical studies expert Gary Greenberg, Manetho: A Study In Egyptian Chronology explores how ancient scribes may have misinterpreted the chronology of Egyptian history, and offers a carefully researched survey of the landmark events of Egyptian history. Straightforward writing adds life to the trek through years and centuries, in this fascinating study of dynasties, war, achievements, and lasting cultural legacy. . . Manetho is a thoughtful and iconoclastic contribution to the field of Egyptology and is very highly recommended reading for academia as well as the non-specialist general reader with an interest in ancient Egyptian history.

Frank Joseph Yurco, Egyptologist, Field Museum, Chicago: An excellent and well-written analysis that makes a valuable contribution to the study of Egyptian chronology and king-lists. Greenberg shows that Manetho originally had a highly accurate record of Egyptian chronology but that it was severely altered in the course of transmission. Of particular interest is his reconstruction of Manetho’s original Twelfth Dynasty and Second Intermediate Period chronologies and his demonstration that Manetho’s chronology paralleled that of the Turin Canon far more often than previously recognized.

Dr. Aidan Dodson, Visiting Fellow in Dept. of Archaeology, University of Bristol. An intriguing approach to a long-debated problem.