101 Myths of the Bible

How ancient scribes invented biblical history

By Gary Greenberg

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Moses gave Israel the Ten Commandments

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David Killed Goliath

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What they won’t tell you about the bible

101 Myths of the Bible examines many of the most famous stories in the Old Testament and shows the various influences that led to the writing. Among the subjects explored are the earlier versions of many biblical stories that were told among Israel’s neighbors, the strong Egyptian influences on many of the biblical accounts, and the internal political and religious feuds in ancient Israel that led to various propagandistic versions of earlier history.

Twelve Startling Revelations from 101 Myths of the Bible

  • David did not slay Goliath.
  • The original Ten Commandments of Moses did not prohibit lying, killing, stealing, coveting or adultery.
  • Joshua did not break down the walls of Jericho with trumpet blasts.
  • Adam and Eve were not the first biblical humans.
  • Samson was a Canaanite solar deity.
  • The story of Jacob’s ladder can be found earlier on an Egyptian tomb.
  • The tribe of Dan came from Greece.
  • God rested on the eighth day of Creation, not the seventh.
  • Esther was not a Jewish queen of Persia.
  • Noah and his family were Egyptian Creation deities.
  • The birth of Moses was adapted from an Egyptian myth.
  • Inside the Ark of the Covenant was . . .

Review Excerpts

The topic may be controversial but the content is fascinating and thought provoking. . . . This riveting and intelligent study has relevance to a wide audience of biblical scholars. Today’s Librarian

Recommended for larger religious collections. Library Journal

It’s a riveting read that’s definitely not for the biblically faint of heart. Florence SC News

Rated “Must Read.” Today’s Books

This book will probably either strengthen your faith or cast it into doubt. Just remember, there’s a reason its called faith. At any rate, it will make for lively dinner table discussions. Spokesman Review

He said books like 101 Myths strike at the heart of Christians who take the Bible as a literal, inspired word from God.  (Religious leader quoted in the book review.) Star Press

In this controversial new book, author Gary Greenberg offers insight into the meaning, origin and accuracy of stories from the Old Testament. The Jewish Transcript

Greenberg has obviously used considerable research to find myths and legends that could parallel biblical episodes . . . some of his comparisons create interesting reading. The Anniston Star

Explores how the myths and legends of neighboring cultures are built into the foundations of the modern monotheistic religions. He describes a long and continuous relationship between ancient Israel and Egypt. Book News